Rings in artistic designs

At Vindarve, we create rings with an exclusive feel and artistic design. Nature, the beautiful views in Gotland and yore symbols, are often our biggest source of inspiration to our silver rings. Every visual sketch is made with love, to give you as its bearer a feeling of something unique. A part of the legacy of the past in a contemporary design.

A silver ring to wear at all times

Rings are perhaps the best example of how something small can be the icing on the cake. They don’t only tie whole outfits together, but also offer a simple way to make a statement about your style. A classic and timeless design fits all ages and all occasions. And our beautiful silver rings are no exception.

When you buy a ring from us, you can always feel safe that you’ll get something out of the ordinary. Both material, handicraft and design are of the highest quality. For us, it’s always important to deliver a piece of jewellery that is more than just an accessory. It should be able to speak for itself.

Order your favourite ring for yourself. Or have you perhaps found one that would be perfect as a gift for someone you like? At Vindarve, you can always order easily and safely at our web shop. If you have any questions regarding our silver rings, feel free to contact us at info@vindarve.com.