Necklaces with a story

Beautiful and modern silver jewellery for all moments in life. That’s what you get when wearing a necklace from Vindarve. Every part of the necklace has a special connection to nature and yore symbols. With inspiration from Gotland, time and the beauty of nature, a visual sketch is created. So that you can be touched by the wind through the ages.

Silver jewellery in a unique design

A necklace from Vindarve is more than just a bijou, it’s an art piece in the form of an accessory. A handicraft from idea to production. Wear it to highlight your outfit, or let it make a statement on its own. The classic design in our necklaces means that they are perfect for every-day occasions – including the more special events.

Everything, from idea to the finished necklace, holds a high standard. We work hard to make jewellery that will stay beautiful for years ahead, so that you can wear your favourite piece from Vindarve many years from now.

Buy them as a gifts for someone you like, or treat yourself to something hand made. The silver necklaces from Vindarve are appreciated by everyone. Order your accessories online from our web shop. Do you have any questions about our handcrafted designs? Feel free to contact us by e-mailing