Beautiful bracelets in silver

The nature, Gotland and early artisanship, are all a great inspirations for the bracelets created and presented by Vindarve. All silver jewellery is our own exclusive design and has a high standard in both material and production. This gives you a unique bijou to wear, an accessory that’s more than just a simple bracelet. It’s a piece of art.

Accessories for all occasions

Our bracelets tell a story – sometimes of symbols from the yore, sometimes of the beauty of the ever-changing nature. The modern, yet classical, details give even the simplest outfit that extra something. And at the same time, it makes the jewellery a perfect accessory on the finer events. Behind every design lies a lot of love, care and devotion. This also means that our bracelets aren’t made in abundance, but instead give you as its owner something distinct.

Order it for someone special, or give yourself a unique and exclusive silver bracelet designed by an artist. Our bracelets are perfect for everyone who appreciates the simple beauty that life and nature have to offer. Buy your favourite piece online in our web shop. If you want more information about us or our jewellery, feel free to contact us at