About Vindarve

Touched by the Wind through the Ages

At Vindarve, we create modern and timeless silver jewellery inspired by elements from the nature. Our philosophy is to create accessories that brings the bearer great joy, but also some premeditation. The designs are often unexpected and the goal is to affect and create some time for historic reflection. Then, now, and forever. Timeless, high-quality jewellery in contemporary design.

Sustainable materials & the thoughts behind the jewellery

Our jewellery is made in pure silver, rock crystal and cultured pearls – All of which hold a very high quality. Much of the inspiration is found in the nature of Gotland and from symbols of the yore, both in the Nordic countries and beyond. The goal with every accessory is to not only create a beautiful bijou, but to fashion an art piece that whispers about something deeper.

Hanna Gunterberg is the artist behind the designs, a woman with a long and genuine interest in jewellery design. Every part is carefully studied during the creation process, and even the smallest detail can become a substantial part of the accessory. By playing with colours, forms and combining them with the mystical legacy from years long past, she creates unique and exclusive silver jewellery. Pieces that flirt with antique handicrafts, but in contemporary execution.

Would you like to know more about our jewellery? Feel free to contact us at info@vindarve.com. And let yourself be touched by the wind through the ages.

Welcome to Vindarve.